General Review Panel Information

The City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD) is looking for qualified individuals to serve as Review Panelists to assist the department with the Cultural Funding Program application review process.  Selected panelists will serve on a review panel and review funding applications submitted to MCAD.
  • Provide a quantitative evaluation of the applications submitted to the MCAD
  • Score all applications on their relative merit. Based on 100 points
  • Comment on the reasonableness of the funding requested in relationship to the proposed project or service
  • Provide knowledgeable guidance to the MCAD in working with a given applicant in the future
  • Provide advice and guidance to the MCAD staff
  • All scores are averaged and the applicants are ranked based on their total score
  • Panelists do not make funding decisions
  • A variety of backgrounds and broad discipline representation must be included in the Review Panel. Selected panelists must also represent:
    • Major institutions; arts/cultural organizations (both established and emerging); educational institutions; individual artists and makers; presenting facilities and organizations; etc.
    • Appropriate geographic, ethnically diverse, disability and gender representation
    • A balance of knowledgeable law and professional representation
  • Nomination forms must be received by MAy 31 at  6pm MST. 
  • Chosen panelists will be emailed. In-town panelists must attend a mandatory orientation session
  • Submitting a panel nomination form does not guarantee participation
  • Incomplete nominations will not be reviewed