Please provide an assessment of where your organization is in its journey towards becoming an anti-racist one. We encourage your leadership, including board members, and if possible, artists, staff and community to use this assessment as a tool for reflection and collective conversation prior to completing it for the application.

Step 1: Build and distribute an anonymous survey to send to assessment participants. Feel free to use our Example Survey as a model. 
Step 2: Collect anonymous responses and note reflections.
Step 3: Complete this survey by May 7, 2021

Your responses are confidential and will not be shared with panelists. Grants staff will use the information gathered to develop a deeper understanding of the local arts community’s need and desire for resources and training.

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* Please identify where on the Continuum on Becoming an Anti-Racist Arts and Cultural Organization you would currently locate your organization (not where you or your organization's leadership aspires your organization to be). If you distributed a survey to board, staff, and artists, select which point on the Continuum was most identified by participants. You'll have a chance to explain observations below.

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* Please explain why this location on the Continuum was chosen using specific examples to demonstrate the choice.

Briefly describe who was involved and the process used to make your selection. Note that some organizations are between two places on the Continuum, and/or may show up in one place for some behaviors/attitudes and show up in another place for others, or may realize that different people involved with the organization are in different places. It’s fine to share the complexity and nuance of your choice even if that means specifying more than one number.

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* What steps have you taken or are in the process of taking in order to become a more anti-racist organization?

e.g. How are you examining and disrupting anti-Blackness in your organization? How are you working in solidarity with other racial communities? What’s working? Where do you have room for growth? Feel free to share about the policies, practices and procedures that center racial equity in the following areas (if they apply): training, hiring and retention, board development, artist selection, programming (both development and implementation), community engagement and partnerships, audience development and demographics, or other organizational work.

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* Organization Details