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A central vision of the Mass Cultural Council's Cultural Investment Portfolio is to help grantees and other nonprofit organizations build organizational and personal capacity, and ultimately, sustainable models of operation. Small shops (single person and all-volunteer leadership environments) share many similar challenges, with the majority converging around a lack of organizational capacity. By assembling these leaders, our goal is to create an environment that increases networking, strategy, shared resources, investigation of economics of scale, and peer-to-peer exchanges.

FY20 sessions are presented in partnership with a three  Massachusetts-based Community Foundations: The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, The Greater Worcester Community Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.

CIP Small Shop Framework

Now it its fifth year, Mass Cultural Council Small Shop Convenings focus on a variety of topics specific to single-person and volunteer leadership challenges. The Mass Cultural Council serves as convener, providing the basic framework for coalition-building. Organization leaders are active participants in the roundtable, sharing ideas, experiences, tools, resources, techniques, and processes. 

Typical convenings have 6-10 organizations and center on the needs of the assembled group. The Mass Cultural Council does not present a lecture-based format, but simply provides the casual framework for collaboration, building coalitions, and peer sharing. Convenings last for approximately one hour, with time for informal networking at the conclusion.

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Program Manager, Cultural Investment Portfolio