1. Application for Critical Home Repairs

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Renewing Homes of Greater Augusta (RHGA) is an all volunteer organization functioning in Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County, Virginia. Our mission is to accomplish, at no cost to a homeowner, critical home repairs and modifications for low-income elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged homeowners living in Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County so that they can live in their own home with dignity in a safe, warm, dry, and accessible environment.

“This is an equal opportunity program. Discrimination is prohibited by Federal Law.”

Please note that we can only work with you if you own your home. This includes a traditional mortgage through a bank, paying on a rent-to-own mobile home, and owning the home outright.

This Application for Critical Home Repairs requires that you provide:
* Information about the Homeowner(s)
* Information about requested repairs, and a brief description of those repairs
* Income information for Homeowner and all Occupants
* Information about all Occupants living in the home
* Agreement that all the information provided is correct and you are requesting RHGA’s assistance.

It is very important that after completing this online application you send us (in the mail) income verification for everyone living in the home. For each Person having income, please mail us a bank statement, pay stub, SSI / SSDI verification, and/or other agency assistance letters. Your application will not be considered without this information.

We cannot stress this enough. Without a mailed copy of income verification for every person living in the home the application will be considered incomplete and we will not be able to process your request for home repairs. Mail income verification to:

Renewing Homes of Greater Augusta, PO Box 3152, Staunton, Virginia 24402

Once the online application and mailed income verification are received you will be contacted by an RHGA review team to examine requested repairs. A home visit will be scheduled. After the home visit a report is prepared which includes the qualifications of the person or family (income level, health or physical circumstances, home ownership, etc.) and a description of the repairs and improvements.

This report is brought before a volunteer Board of Directors who choose whether to approve or deny your request for critical home repairs. You will be notified in writing if your home is approved or denied. In evaluating your application, RHGA follows all Fair Housing Laws.

If approved, the Board then recruits volunteer persons or groups with the needed skills and desire to work on your home. The Board then provides coordination and logistical support as needed to complete the project.

It may take time to complete repairs as we must find the right set of volunteers to work on your home. As there are many in our community who need home repairs, we ask that you to be patient and do not contact us for updates. We work year round to provide services but do have a slower period in the cold winter months. Again we ask for patience as we will work with you when funds and volunteer are available.

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If you have questions about the Application please contact us at:
Renewing Homes of Greater Augusta
PO Box 3152