FY14 Legislative Appropriation: Library Books and Electronic Resources Summary Report

Each year, districts and charter schools receive funds from a legislative appropriation to support the development of library collections. All districts and charter schools are required to provide the following information to the USOE for the annual legislative report.

This report is due by July 15, 2014. Funds for the upcoming year will not be released until the report is completed and submitted.

* 2. Form prepared by:

* 3. Number of schools receiving funds for library materials:

* 4. Funds received from FY14 Legislative Appropriation:

* 5. Funds received from FY14 local education agency (LEA) ongoing annual Library Media Budget:

* 6. Indicate if LEA Library Media budget amount in Question 5 is shown as:

* 7. Legislative funding DID NOT replace or supplant local library media budgets.

* 8. Fund allocations were spent for library books and electronic resources as per Board Rule R277-467 (NO hardware, software, equipment, etc.).

* 9. Library books and electronic resources purchased with these funds are housed in school library and available for general check-out and use.