* 1. Club:

* 2. Year club was established:

* 3. # of Members per club.

* 4. Of your club members, how many are active?

* 5. Of your club members, how many travel with the club?

* 6. Of your club members, how many were new this year and how many were returners?

* 7. Budget representative name(s) and email address(es):

* 8. Club website address:

* 9. What is your current tier level?

* 10. Are you applying for a different tier level for 2013-2014?

* 11. If you are applying for a new Tier level, please include justification here. Providing information how your club sports organization has changed over the past few years/seasons.

* 12. If yes, for what tier level are you applying? *note you can only move 1 tier level per year.

* 13. What are the annual dues PER MEMBER PER YEAR?

* 14. If additional money was asked of a member to contribute to the club's activities in addition to dues, please describe for what activity and how much this year? (i.e. yes for regional tournaments, $80 total)

* 15. When did your dues last increase? And when it increase how much did it increase? (ex. Fall 2012 dues increased from $20 to $50)

* 16. How many members do you currently have? List undergraduate, graduate, faculty/staff.

* 17. Is your club required to have general liability insurance through your regional or national affiliation?

* 18. If yes, please add his/her:
Email address

* 19. If you have a coach, do you pay him or her?

* 20. Do you have an off campus bank account?

* 21. If you do have an off campus bank account, what is your Tax ID #? And the current balance? *Remember to bring statements for the year from the account with you to to the budget hearing.

* 22. What are the goals and purpose of your club sport?

* 23. List your club achievements for the 2012-2013 academic year.

* 24. List club's achievement goals for 2012-2013?

* 25. What is your general practice schedule (day/time/location)?

* 26. List any fundraising activities from this fiscal year and what was earned for each activity (July 1, 2012 to current).

* 27. Please list any major future plans for your club sport (fundraising, recruitment, tournaments, coaching changes/additions, etc.).

* 28. What is on your wishlist for items? needs? wants for the club?

* 29. Please provide a link or attach game schedule (and other events) to show the activity of the club from spring semester.

* 30. At this point, please fill out the Budget template on the officer resources page: http://www.uc.edu/sald/club_sports/Resources.html.

Once the form is completed, email Susie Mahoney at susan.mahoney@uc.edu with the above attachmentYou'll then set up a meeting with Susie and the CSAC to go over your budget request including off-campus bank account statements (Cinco, PNC, etc) and the club sports account statement to review funding needs for 2013-2014. Please bring off campus bank account transaction information from July 1, 2012 to current to the meeting.