Thank you for participating in Trialogue’s annual survey of South African non-profit organisations, particularly during this difficult period of Covid-19. We appreciate your ongoing support and have included some questions on your organisation’s response to Covid-19.

This survey focuses on the relationship between non-profit organisations (NPOs) and companies. Aggregated results will be published in the 23rd edition of The Trialogue Business in Society Handbook (formerly known as The Trialogue CSI Handbook).

This survey comprises seven sections and should take approximately thirty minutes to complete:

·        Section 1: Respondent information
·        Section 2: Organisation information
·        Section 3: Income and funding sources (please have income figures for two years)
·        Section 4: Covid-19 impact
·        Section 5: Monitoring and evaluation
·        Section 6: Volunteerism and capacity building
·        Section 7: Reputation

Complete the entire survey in full to receive a complimentary copy of the Handbook, which will be released in November 2020. By completing this survey, you also stand a chance to win a full-page advertisement in this industry-leading publication, worth R24 000.