Ridership Feedback

The Drink SF Beer shuttle was launched to help people discover the many breweries in San Francisco neighborhoods. Part of the SF Brewers Guild's Meet the Brewers nights, the shuttle is a free, monthly 'hop on, hop off' service connecting local breweries.

* 1. Before trying the shuttle, had you attended a Meet the Brewers night, which the SF Brewers Guild holds each month?

* 2. How did you first learn about the shuttle?

* 3. Please indicate when you tried the shuttle (check all that apply):

* 4. What best describes your overall experience?

* 5. Did you encounter a full shuttle and have to wait for another one?

* 6. Please rate the shuttle and your driver for the following qualities (7 being highest level):

  Strongly Agree Agree No Opinion Disagree Strongly Disagree
The shuttle was comfortable
The shuttle was clean.
It was easy to get on and off the shuttle.
You were comfortable with the driver.
The driver was helpful and answered your questions.
The venue staff was helpful and answered your questions.
The website with the schedule information was useful.

* 7. Please provide any additional feedback about your experience:

* 8. May we contact you if we have follow-up questions? If so, leave your name and email below: