Ten Questions

Dear Members and Participants ~ Please help us identify goals and priorities for our growing practice community. We would like to hear from you about your experience with us and where we should focus our energy in the next few years. To ensure our process is inclusive, we are seeking input from as many people as possible who practice with us, even occasionally. Please help us by taking time to fill out this survey. If you are busy, please answer the questions that speak to you. Your perspective is important.

* 1. How Do You Participate at Bright Way? (Check all that apply)

* 2. How Long Have You Been Participating at Bright Way?

* 3. Which of the Following Best Applies to You (Choose One)

* 4. IF You Answered (1) to Question 3 (otherwise leave this question blank), When You Don't Attend Bright Way, Please Rate the Reasons Why

  Never applies to me Sometimes applies to me Often applies to me Frequently applies to me
Travel time (distance/traffic)
I lack efficient transportation
Evening meetings don't work well for me
Weekend morning meetings don't work well for me
Tuesdays don't work well for me
Sundays don't work well for me
Need to spend more time with family
Not interested in the discussion topic
Do not feel comfortable in the community
My work schedule conflicts
I have too many other responsibilities to spare the time

* 5. I Participate with (or Follow) Bright Way In Order To

  Doesn't apply to me at all Somewhat applies Definitely applies to me
Sit zazen with others in a quiet, dedicated space
Inspire and motivate my practice outside of the Zen center
Get instruction for my Buddhist and/or meditation practice
Reduce my stress
Increase my equanimity and compassion
Learn more about Buddhism and Zen
Connect with Community
Make friends
Participate in Ritual/Ceremonial Space
Interact with a Zen Teacher
Have challenging/inspiring conversations about the Dharma
Foster/nourish my connection with the Ineffable/the Divine

* 6. How Valuable are the Following Features of Bright Way to You?

  No opinion - I have no experience with this offering Not valuable to me Somewhat valuable to me Valuable to me Very valuable to me Extremely valuable to me
Opportunities for zazen at Bright Way
Online zazen with others
Classes and discussions where we read a book together
Dharma talks (Domyo or guest teacher give a talk and take questions)
Sesshin (multi-day, overnight retreats)
One-Day Retreats
Weekly Newsletter
Domyo's blog posts
Domyo's Zen Studies Podcast
Talks by guest teachers
Sanzen with the teacher (during zazen at Bright Way)
Practice Discussion (meeting with Domyo at other times
Other sangha gatherings (Dharma Tea, Potlucks
Term Student Program
Ceremonies and Ritual

* 7. What Kind of Teaching is Most Helpful to You?

  Not helpful Very helpful
Classical Buddhist Teachings - Four Noble Truths, Paramitas, Koans, Sutras, Karma, etc.
Specific practical practice support, for example, dealing with obstacles in meditation
Forms and rituals in the zendo - entering, silence, bowing, kinhin (walking meditation), etc.
Working with Buddhist Precepts (Ethical Teachings)
Studying the work of contemporary teachers
How to strengthen my home practice
Teaching that addresses everyday issues, such as interpersonal conflict, stress, parenting, etc.
Teaching that speaks to social and environmental concerns (climate change, peace, diversity, etc.)
Learning through personal stories, examples of how practice applies in everyday life
Group discussions and inquiry

* 8. What Would You Like to See at Bright Way in the Future? (Please elaborate in the "Other" comment box)

  I don't think we need this Feel neutral This would be nice I would love to see this I'd like to help make this happen
More One-Day Silent Retreats (We have about 4 per year)
Sesshin (multi-day, overnight retreats)
Additional Opportunity for Zazen (e.g. Thursday)
A Bigger Meeting Space
 Facility With Better Parking
Owning our own building
Emphasis on long-term stability (finances, facility, teacher support, etc.)
More Social Events
Ways to Get to Know Others in the Sangha
Children's Programs
Workshops on Zen arts (calligraphy, flower arranging, etc.)
More Guest Teachers/Speakers
More Dharma Talks
Yoga or Mindful Movement Classes
More online video or audio of sangha activities
Refuge Recovery (Buddhist AA)
More opportunities to interact online with teacher and/or sangha
Getting Politically Engaged with Other Sangha Members

* 9. What About People's Overall Experience of Bright Way?

* 10. Additional Comments and Information