The Principal/Administration:

The following questions are an opportunity for you to provide feedback on your perceptions of your school’s principal, Mr. Podlewski.

Please rank your perception of performance in each category by selecting the description you feel applies best:

* 1. Visibility - being visible in the school, in the classroom, at school events and in the district.

* 2. Responsive and timely - to phone calls, emails, requests for an an appointment, or meetings.

* 3. Approachable - friendly, easy to talk to, down-to-earth, clear.

* 4. Openness - accepting of new ideas, welcoming different opinions, encouraging others to express themselves.

* 5. Positive Attitude - sees the good in people, sees challenges as opportunities, undeterred by hostility or negativity by others.

* 6. Motivating - words and actions inspire others, able to motivate people to do their best, instills a sense of purpose in everything.