Working with Limited Budget

Your executive board works with a small budget and, after paying for the non-negotiables (such as paying for the website, sending the Affiliate Chapter Representative to Affiliate Chapter Meetings in Toronto), must often choose among offering a good spread of food, renting a venue, or bringing in a high-demand presenter. We don't have the budget to do all three. With this in mind, we want your input on the idea of charging a small amount for PD events, as many other affiliates do.

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* 1. How much would you be willing to chip in at the door for each type of event?

  Should be free $5 - $10 $15 - $20 $25 - $30 $35 - $45
Networking Wine and Appetizers - 1.5 to 2 hours
High-demand Presenter - 1.5 to 2 hours and refreshments
High-demand Presenter 90 minutes followed by concurrent break-out sessions with local facilitators, refreshments provided
Five hours of concurrent smaller workshops (you choose which to attend) and lunch provided
Evening high-demand presenter and dinner provided (3-4 hours)
Local lesser-known presenter but expert on the topic (2-3 hours) and refreshments provided

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* 2. Which time slot would be more likely to bring you out?

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* 3. Should TESL WIndsor consider bringing in high-demand presenters virtually?