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This survey will be used as part of our research on how effective our pedagogical techniques are for this class.
Pre- and Post- testing will be compared to see how much this class helped with your understanding of IACUC's.
The 30 questions here should not take you more than about 15 minutes to complete.

(choose the 1 choice that provides the best answer for each question)

* 1. Please input your unique ID
ID = (year of birth - day of birth - last 3 digits SSN)
(e.g., if born Jan 8, 2001 and SSN = 123; ID = 2001-08-123)

* 2. Endpoint criteria describe when it is time to do what?

* 3. Which of the following would disqualify a protocol from USDA category C?

* 4. Annually, most institutions must report the number of animals used by pain/distress category to what agency?

* 5. What does the acronym IACUC stand for?

* 6. Which of these statements about blood collection in mice and rats is true?

* 7. Which of the following is true regarding the Animal Welfare Regulations and duplication of experiments?

* 8. In general, prior to making any significant changes in your use of animals, you must:

* 9. When must personnel receive training to perform animal procedures?

* 10. The PHS Policy differs from the Animal Welfare Act because it applies to which animals?