* 1. What is your current job role/function?

* 2. How many years experience do you have in an engineering role?

* 3. Which end market does your work most closely align with?

* 4. What Analog to digital converter (ADC) architecture do you use in your main signal chain?

* 5. For the ADCs you use what sampling rate most closely aligns with this ADC?

* 6. Do you currently use silicon component models to (tick all that apply)...

* 7. Is there a desire within your organization to increase the level of simulation on the product, prior to or in parallel with product development?

* 8. What software development tools do you current use today during product development?
Part 1: Analog Simulation

* 9. Part 2: IBIS Simulation Tools

* 10. Part 3: Modeling Tools (tick more than one if relevant)

* 11. Part 4: Thermal (tick more than one if relevant)

* 12. Part 5: PCB Schematic Entry/Layout (tick more than one if relevant)

* 13. Which part of product development is the most resource intensive (i.e. cumulative # hours) (1 = most resource intensive, - 8= least resource intensive)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
System Architecture
Analog Hardware design
Digital Hardware design
Board Layout
Firmware Development
Software Development
Product Test/Validation

* 14. Do you or someone with in your organization currently use IBIS models?