Winter Park Bike Racks

Biking is one of the top activities in Winter Park, but bike parking can be a challenge. To help with that, the Town of Winter Park has set aside money in the 2018 budget to install several new bike racks around town. We need your help determining the best locations for these, and the style that would make the most sense.

* 1. Typically, where are you going when you ride your bike? Select up to 3.

* 2. Can you list a few places that would be most beneficial to you for a bike rack?

* 3. We have several bike rack styles to choose from. Which do you prefer?

  Small bike rackSmall Medium bike rackMedium Bike CorralLarge Vertical biker rackVertical
Which would be easiest for you to use?
Which is the most visually appealing to you?
Overall, which do you like best?

* 4. As a resident or business owner, how would you feel about temporarily converting a parking space in downtown to bike parking in the summer?

* 5. Any other comments for us?