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This questionnaire is designed to allow our Prosumer Equipment Specialist to tailor a recommendation for you based on your needs and preferences, providing you with the answers you seek. 

Please note that as the only Home Barista Specialist in Australia, we do more than just giving a free advice. With our highly tailored response, we invite you to start a conversation with us that will hopefully see you purchasing your equipment from us in an unbeatable value, enjoying free training and seeing us as your coffee partner to whatever challenges and triumphs coming your way. 

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Di Bartoli warmly recommends to download our Buyer's Guide prior to completing this questionnaire, to clarify terms and technologies we will use below as well in our tailored QUEST to you. 
Please note this questionnaire is designed for Australian residents only 

1. Which of the following best describe your experience with coffee at home?

2. How do you make coffee at home?

3. Where do you get your coffee beans for home from?  

4. Are you looking to purchase a new machine or upgrade?

5. If this is an upgrade, what is the main reason for the upgrade?

6. Do you currently have a grinder?

7. If you have a grinder, which brand and model is it? 

8. What do you think of the sentence: 'Your grinder is as important as your coffee machine'?

10. How many coffee drinkers are at home?

11. Do they drink milky coffee or black coffee?

12. How many milky coffees do you want your machine to produce in a go? (day to day or while entertaining, even if infrequently)

13. Are there any bench space limitation?

14. How do you plan to use your coffee machine?

15. Which sentence best describes your preference while choosing a coffee machine? You can choose more than one option:

16. On a scale from 1 (not important) to 5 (very important), how would you rate this criteria while choosing a machine?

  Not importnat Moderately important Very importnat
Easiness of use
Low maintenance
Energy saving
Matching style to the decor / other appliances
Noise level
Temperature and pressure stability

17. Would you be interested in Home Roasting in the future?

18. Are you interested in our free Home Barista training with each machine's purchase?

19. Do you have any expected budget for an Espresso Machine and a Grinder Combo purchase?

20. Which of the following best describes your purchase preference?

21. Are there any other preferences you would like us to take in consideration while tailoring our recommendation? (e.g low noise level, prefer digital grinder, must be volumetric machine, want large cup warmer, prefer steam & hot water taps than knobs, only interested in brand xxx, I like rotary pump, etc)

22. Please enter your contacts below so we can email you the questionnaire results.

23. Would you prefer to discuss your options over the phone or would you like to receive an email from us?

Thank you for completing the QUEST Questionnaire. If you chose to receive our recommendations by email, please allow up to 72 hours for your results to come through. If not received, please check your spam filter, or email us to quest@dibartoli.com.au If your query is urgent.