Mindfulness 2012 Survey

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You'll get "From Pre-occupation to Self-fulfillment: Lessons from Buddhist Psychology" with Ronald Siegel, PsyD.

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* 1. To what extent do you use mindfulness practices with your patients?

* 2. How comfortable are you talking about mindfulness with patients?

* 3. To what extent would you be interested in a series that focuses on topics related to mindfulness?

* 4. What are some questions or topics you would want addressed in a series like this?

* 5. What are some of your biggest challenges in using mindfulness in your work?

* 6. Who would you like to see as an expert in this series? (Please check all you'd like to hear.)

* 7. We'd like to get an idea of how practitioners are using mindfulness. Do you have a story about using mindfulness practices with your clients and patients that you could share with us?

* 8. What do you consider most valuable in a Gold Membership?

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