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* 1. Which of these categories best describes you? (check all that apply)

* 2. What are the most useful/important features of Beginningfarmers.org? (Please rank each in terms of importance).

  Not Useful/Important Somewhat Useful/Important Fairly Useful/Important Very Useful/Important Extremely Useful/Important Don't Know
Regular Blog Updates
Event Announcements
Job Announcements
Agricultural News/Policy Updates
Articles/Research Information
Information about Financing (loans/grants)
Information about Finding Land
Business Planning Information
Training Resources
Information about Production (of any crop/animal/product)
Information about Markets
Links to Other Websites
Links to Other Information Sources
Urban Farming Information
Permaculture Information

* 3. What other kinds of information/features (if any), would be useful to you? What is BeginningFarmers.org missing?

* 4. What are the biggest barriers to new farmer entry and development in your opinion? (Please rate each on a scale of 1-5)

  Not a Barrier Somewhat Important Barrier Fairly Important Barrier Very Important Barrier Extremely Important Barrier Don't Know
Access to Adequate Training/Information
Production Knowledge
Business Knowledge/Planning Skills
Risk Assessment/Management
Access to Markets
Access to Government Programs
Access to Health Insurance
Access to Capital (loans, grants, investments, startup funds)
Access to Land

* 5. (OPTIONAL) How might BeginningFarmers.org best assist in overcoming these barriers?

* 6. (OPTIONAL) How might other resources/programs best assist in overcoming these barriers

* 7. If you are a farmer/rancher please indicate your experience level.

* 8. If you are a farmer/rancher, please indicate the size of your operation

* 9. (OPTIONAL) Please indicate the type of production system(s) you are most interested in (check all that apply)

* 10. (OPTIONAL) Please indicate the marketing practices of most interest to you (check all that apply).

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