Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

We value your input! We also value your time, so don't forget to log in your volunteer hours. Completing this survey will count for at least 1 volunteer hour to be used for this year or for next year.

* 1. How many children do you have currently attending Peachtree?

* 2. Please indicate the grade level for each of your PCMS children. (select all that apply)

* 3. What feeder elementary school did your child/children attend? (select all that apply)

* 4. In my opinion, PCMS is a very good school.

* 5. Teachers and staff treat parents with professionalism and respect.

* 6. My child enjoys going to school.

  Strongly disagree Disagree No opinion Agree Strongly agree
Child 1
Child 2 (if applicable)
Child 3 (if applicable)
Child 4 (if applicable)

* 7. The teachers and staff are highly dedicated.

* 8. The teachers and staff are genuinely interested in students.

* 9. The teachers and staff are personally attentive to students.

* 10. The teachers and staff are easy to reach

  Strongly disagree Disagree No opinion Agree Strongly agree
via email.
via voicemail.

* 11. The teachers and staff are open to feedback.

* 12. PCMS addresses my child’s individual learning “style.”

* 13. PCMS helps my child develop self-discipline and social skills.

* 14. It is critical for PCMS to have staff members fluent in different languages.

* 15. I find that the class subject matter is often too difficult for my child.

* 16. The homework assignments are generally appropriate in volume and difficulty.

* 18. PCMS has adequate textbooks/teaching resources.

* 19. PCMS has adequate technology.

* 20. My child benefited from the use of the computer labs.

* 21. The dress standard is clear to parents.

* 22. The dress standard is clear to students.

* 23. The dress standard is enforced consistently throughout the school.

* 24. PCMS’s disciplinary policies seem clear and consistent to me.

* 25. PCMS’s disciplinary policies seem clear and consistent to my child.

* 26. On the whole, PCMS is effective in minimizing student behavior problems and keeping classes on-task.

* 27. Overall, grouping students by ability level is a big “plus” for our school.

* 28. Grouping students with similar skills makes it easier for my child to learn.

* 29. I have the ability to influence decisions about how this school is governed.

* 30. I have actively participated on an action team this year.

* 31. I was a member of the following action team.

* 32. Classes that group students tend to put too much pressure on my child.

* 33. I regard PCMS as a particularly innovative and forward-thinking school.

* 34. I have a good understanding of the roles of the school’s administrative staff.

* 35. PCMS staff members generally have strong interpersonal and communication skills.

* 36. My child’s teachers do a good job in coordinating teaching topics, assignments, and projects.

* 37. PCMS effectively involves parents.

* 38. I would be willing to dedicate some of my personal time to help pursue grants to fund technology, facilities, textbooks, and programs.

* 39. Please provide specific feedback or comments. (optional)