This study will investigate whether our sleep patterns and daily hassles and stress influence how we think about health issues.

Health and illness are a major source of anxiety for some people, and for this minority worrying about
illness can cause difficulties. Health anxiety occurs through our interpretation of bodily symptoms and we
want to try to understand this better. How people interpret bodily symptoms and sensations can be
affected by many factors including stress levels and exhaustion. This study is designed to see how factors like daily stresses and how much sleep people have, can influence how they think about bodily symptoms. This research is being conducted in a healthy population because we want to understand more about the link between stress and health worries – it would be difficult to do this if we were only studying people with
severe anxiety about health issues.

In this study, you will be asked questions about your recent sleep patterns, daily stress and worries about bodily symptoms. You will be asked to complete these questions online. It will take less than 20 minutes to complete.

Please remember that only adults over 18 can take part in this study.

You are free to withdraw from the study anytime you want simply by closing the browser during the survey.

The findings of this research will be used in a dissertation project as anonymised and individual
participant’s information will not be possible to identify.

For further information, Please contact:

The Researcher : Clíona Hallissey
The Supervisor : Dr. Michelle Lee