Community Survey

The Wyalkatchem Community Resource Centre is here for the community. To serve the community in the best way possible, we would like to hear what you would like to see the CRC offer. We would appreciate your input into this survey. Please return this page to the CRC upon completion.
1.Are you currently a member of the CRC?
2.How often would you say you come to the CRC and use any of its services?
3.What have you used the CRC for in the past 12 months? (Select all that apply)
4.Have you attended a workshop, training or event at the CRC in the last 12-18 months?
5.What kinds of workshops/training/events would you like to participate in at the CRC? (Select all that apply)
6.When would you be able to participate in workshops/training/events at the CRC?
7.Are there any other workshops/training/events that you would attend or participate in at the CRC?
Current Progress,
0 of 7 answered