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* 1. Please rate the following features on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high) interest.

  Not at all important to me Extremely important to me
• Enable "real" vector shapes (stroke & fill directly editable, without reliance on layer effects or a dialog box)
• Support dashed- and dotted-line strokes
• Smart shapes: Rounded rectangles that preserve corner roundness when scaled
• Smart shapes: Other shapes (e.g. stars with an adjustable number of points; lines with arrowheads)
• Layer effects: Apply effects at the layer group level
• Layer effects: Re-order effects
• Layer effects: Duplicate effects (e.g. apply multiple strokes per layer)
• Layer effects: Enable panel-based editing of effects (instead of relying on a dialog box)
• Layer effects: Add/edit effects on multiple selected layers at once
• Layer effects: Make graphical styles "live" (i.e. if edit the style definition, all styled objects update)
• Enable layer search (i.e. type to filter by layer name or attributes)
• Improve snap-to-pixel behavior
• Improve text rendering
• Export text & graphical styles as CSS
• Support guide sets (e.g. for grid layouts)
• Support linked files (i.e. edit one file to update buttons, icons, etc. across PSDs)