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* 1. Please provide your name, city, state and email address.

* 2. Does your court video or audio record family court proceedings with it's own equipment?

* 3. If yes, can you get a copy of the video or audio recording of your hearing from the court and for how much?

* 4. Does the court allow video or audio recording by parties to the case?

* 5. If yes, by an oral motion in court, or by a written motion submitted before the hearing?

* 6. Have you ever motioned a family court in your jurisdiction to allow your use of an electronic recording device in your court hearing?

* 7. Are you aware of your state's code statutes on electronic recording in court?

* 8. If you know your state's code statutes on electronic recording in court, please provide the code section number(s). If you find out later, please email: markyoung12@yahoo.com

* 9. Should family court proceedings be live streamed over the Internet?

* 10. It is now possible to record your own hearing and produce your own transcript with voice-to-text software, even if you cannot type. The accuracy could then be verified by the court's recording equipment to certify the transcript, allowing you to be your own court reporter. Do you agree? Please answer yes or no. If no, please explain.

* 11. Did you know you can buy a Philips DVT2700 Digital Voice recorder with voice-to-text software included for under $90 on Amazon (3/19/16). Or search "voice recorder with voice recognition" to find other recorders if that is no longer available.  If you know any other good tips or deals for digital recording, or about available technology and costs for equipping courthouses with video or audio recording, please comment here or email markyoung12@yahoo.com.

* 12. Please provide any additional comments here about your state's policies on digital/electronic recording, or suggestions for this survey. Thanks.