Boycott Idea

Imagine this... you scan a barcode to find out if a product you are about to purchase is currently being boycotted. Instead of having to buy a product that may be unsafe or immoral, another item is recommended.
The goal is to provide a platform to unify consumers in making ethical purchase decisions. It will reveal the lobbying practices of various businesses to shed light on how the business functions. Using modern tools like mobile barcode scanning, social media and intelligent crowdsourcing, we could recommend alternative products that consumers would be more willing to support.

* 1. Do you currently boycott products or services?

* 2. If you don't currently boycott, would you if there was an app that made it easy?

* 3. Do you know others that boycott a product or service?

* 4. How likely would you be to....

  Not at all Somewhat Likely Likely Probably would I would use this!
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