The purpose of the Steve Brody Outstanding Volunteer Award is to recognize the outstanding accomplishments, time and effort in support and promotion of the credit union idea put forth by volunteers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The recipient of the Steve Brody Outstanding Volunteer Award will be announced at the Kentucky Credit Union League's Annual Meeting Awards Banquet in October.

The nominee must be:

A.  A volunteer of a League-affiliated credit union at the time of their nomination, and;
B.  Must have held a volunteer role within a Kentucky credit union for at least five years at the time of nomination.

Paid credit union CEO or staff, as well as employees of the Kentucky Credit Union League and its subsidiaries, are not eligible.

Any volunteer or professional of a League-affiliated credit union may nominate any volunteer, provided the volunteer is with a League-affiliated credit union. The person making the nomination and the nominee need not be affiliated with the same credit union. Nominations may be made without regard to chapter boundaries.
To make a nomination for the Steve Brody Outstanding Volunteer Award, complete the Nomination and Biographical Form with as much background data as can be obtained. Additional pages may be sent in if necessary.

Submit the Nomination Form NO LATER THAN AUGUST 31, 2018.

A special committee, appointed by the Chair of the League Board, shall judge the nominees for the Steve Brody Outstanding Volunteer Award and make selection based on the following criteria:

I. Outstanding Accomplishments for Credit Union - Recognizes dedication and commitment as a volunteer with the nominee's own credit union. This could include, for example:
Success in the development and expansion of member services to members of his/her own credit union.
Efforts and success in maintaining and/or improving the financial fitness of his/her own credit union.
Unselfish devotion to his/her duty as a volunteer.

II. Outstanding Accomplishments for the Credit Union Movement - Recognizes outstanding contributions to other credit unions, the chapter, state, national and/or international level.

A. Contributions to other credit unions could be giving assistance, advice or counsel to help improve the services available to that other credit union's members.

B. On the chapter level, this could be assuming a major leadership role in the chapter; or exceptional efforts expended on behalf of the chapter.

C. On the state level, this could be assuming a major leadership role in the League or the Kentucky Credit Union Political Action Committees.
D. On the national or international level, this could be assuming a leadership role in the Credit Union National Association, Credit Union Executives Society, or other affiliated or nationally recognized organizations; or making outstanding contributions to the organized credit union movement.

III. Outstanding Personal Accomplishments
Recognizes outstanding personal contributions to the credit union movement. This could be a significant publishing accomplishment; exceptional public service, either elected, appointed or volunteer, to state government, community or civic organizations; or significant professional development.

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