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* 1. How well did your computer courses prepare you for the business world?

* 2. Rate your overall quality of your USC Lancaster Associate in Science in Business degree program.

* 3. Indicate which of the following best describes your activities six months after graduating?

* 4. Did the knowledge and skills you acquired in the Business program prepare you for the job market? Please select one.

* 5. If you could begin college again in the Associate in Science in Business degree program, would you choose to enroll at USC Lancaster?

* 6. Indicate how satisfied you are with the following aspects of your Associate in Science in Business degree program at USC Lancaster. Please select the best choice that reflects your opinion.

The General Education courses: Examples would be English, History, Public Speaking, Fine Arts, Psychology/Sociology , Etc.

* 7. Indicate how satisfied you were with the Professors in the Business program.

* 8. How well did the computer software prepare you for the business world?

* 9. What is your gender?

* 10. If you are currently working full or part-time, could you provide us with your name and the name and mailing address of your Employer? If you are continuuing your education, provide the name of the Institution. If you respond to this question, you will receive a complimentary USCL gift. Please email Phillip Parker at to request your free gift.