ALA Survey on Membership Participation in an Electronic Age

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Thank you for agreeing to participate in this voluntary survey sponsored by the American Library Association Task Force on Electronic Membership Participation (TFOEMP). The Task Force has been charged with evaluating ALA policy as it relates to members' ability to engage with and interact with the work of the association through committees and other working groups. Through this survey, the TFOEMP hopes to gauge member familiarity, interest, and comfort with various means of participating both synchronously and asynchronously.

You will be asked to provide your ALA Membership ID. We are collecting your ID number in order to correlate responses in the aggregate to membership participation in divisions, round tables, and committees, as well as by geographic regions and type of library or related field. Asking for your member ID saves approximately 12 questions and allows you to immediately begin the survey. No personal identifiers will be retained and responses will be reported solely in the aggregate.

Please direct any comments or questions about the survey to John Chrastka, ALA Director for Membership Development and Staff liaison to the TFOEMP at where they will be directed to the Task Force.

This survey will be open from 9am on Monday June 2, 2008 through to 5pm on Friday June 13, 2008 (all times CDT).

* 1. What is your ALA Member ID Number?
(this number is seven digits beginning with either a zero or a one - it can be found on your member ID card or the mailing label of American Libraries Magazine)