We are planning to conduct a Virtual Community Safety Meeting Via Zoom on Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM for residents of 21 and 71 Sanford Ave. N.

To register to attend this session please use the link below prior to date and enter your information:


Last year, concerns were expressed about the number of unauthorized persons who were accessing the buildings and were creating an environment where our families were feeling unsafe. We had committed to conduct follow-up public meetings with our residents to continue the feedback process and report back on our activities, however these follow-up meetings were postponed due to COVID related limitations on public gatherings.

We apologize for this delay and will endeavor to continue to provide opportunities for consultation in the future.

Below are the ACTION items we took in response to your feedback from last year. 

- We reached out to our Councillor to discuss our challenges. She was
   very receptive and supportive of our efforts.
- Reached out to the Hamilton Police Services to discuss issues of     
  community safety.
- Have contracted with a Security Consulting firm to prepare a full
  security strategy for our buildings.

Interventions taken to date:
- Signage has been updated.
- Mailboxes have been secured.
- Slab exit only door installed at south end of 21 Sanford.
- Removal of trees at 71 Sanford for better sight lines.
- Installation of fence and gate around Group Home courtyard to
  prevent  access.
- Upgrade parking lot lighting.
- Installation of security gate at southside of 21 Sanford across from the
  Budget Inn.
- Replace all locks of exterior doors with security locks and keys.
- Installation of new lock at main entrance of 21 Sanford.
- Replace locks to reduce door closing times of automatic door openers.
- Biohazard removal at 21 Sanford.
- Biohazard removal at 71 Sanford.
- Biohazard removal and clean-up in playground.
- Restoration services to deep clean stairwells at both 21/71 Sanford.
- Painting over graffiti.

We know we still have a long way to go.

We are seeking further feedback from you to understand additional activities we can implement to increase the safety and security of our residents and their families.

Members from our security consulting partners, Lobo Security Consulting will be on hand to listen to your feedback and suggestions.

We want to hear from YOU!

Below is a quick survey for you to complete in advance of the meeting date to tell us your thoughts on how Kiwanis Homes can continue to make 21 & 71 Sanford Avenue North safer for our residents.

Please note that in appreciation for your feedback a $10 grocery gift card will be provided to all residents who register to attend this meeting (limit 1 per family).  

Thank-you for your input.


Question Title

* 1. What should Kiwanis Homes KEEP doing because it works well for the safety and security of our residents?

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* 2. What are the most significant things that affect your overall feeling of safety at 21 or 71 Sanford Avenue North?
(Please list as many examples as you wish).

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* 3. What should Kiwanis Homes CHANGE that would improve the safety and security for our residents?

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* 4. What should Kiwanis Homes START doing to improve the safety and security of residents?

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* 5. What should Kiwanis Homes STOP doing that is not helpful to the safety and security of our residents?

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* 6. Other Comments