1. Elkhorn Mountains Elk Observations (HD380)

* 1. Name/Business Name

* 2. Mailing address

* 3. Email Address

* 4. Contact Telephone Number

* 5. What is your primary use of natural resources in the Elkhorn Mountains? Please select one.

* 6. Date of first elk observation

* 7. Number of elk observed in first location

* 8. Location of first elk observation (identify as Township, Range, Section or relationship to nearest named landmark)

* 9. Number and location of elk observed same day in second or subsequent observations (ie. second observation-10 elk, locations; third obervation-15 elk, locations.)

* 10. Comments about elk observation (time of day, if possible, approximate number of cows, calves, spikes, and antlered bulls, each observation)

* 11. Other observations or comments (Used for observations of other wildlife, forage, weeds, specific concerns by landowners or others for FWP considerations, etc.)