The Horticulture Related Occupation Labor Needs Survey is the result of a collaborative effort between Monterey Peninsula College, the Monterey County Workforce Development Board, and the California Community Colleges’ Deputy Sector Navigator for Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technology. The purpose of this tool is to identify what the horticulture-related workforce needs are for Monterey Peninsula businesses. Results will be used by Monterey Peninsula College to identify areas of need local employers have for trained and knowledgeable workers in the horticulture field. This information will be used to identify potential programs designed to provide the education and training needed to meet employer hiring needs.

Targeted industries include: landscaping, farm to market businesses to include small, specialty farms and sustainable hospitality businesses, vineyard growers, nurseries, tree services, and public agencies such as cities, county, state parks, water management agencies, and others.  

By participating in this survey you will support the effort to:

1) Identify gaps of knowledge, skills, and abilities to be closed through Workforce Development.

2) Gather useful data to inform Monterey Peninsula College and promote the integration of new knowledge to close previous gaps in terms of curriculum and training.

3) Support the development of new educational strategies that align curriculum to our horticulture industry’s workforce needs to promote a future-­oriented and market responsive way of thinking among horticulture education.

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