The City of Longview utilizes many modes of communication to keep you up to date with news, information, events, etc. such as Facebook, Twitter, press releases, Flash Alert, AskLongview, and the City Info Weekly newsletter. 

We are continually working to find ways to get our word out and would like your input.

* 1. Are you interested in receiving text messages from the City of Longview? This could be something similar to those that you receive from restaurants or coffee shops, dentist or doctors offices.

* 2. If you would use this service, what type of alerts/information would you like to receive from the City? Please be as specific as possible.

* 3. Are you aware that the Recreation Department already uses a text messaging service for Recreation classes and programs? (You must be a registered user, opt in to receive messages, and messages are related to the specific class or program you have registered for.)

* 4. Are you aware that the City uses Flash Alert for communicating emergency information and that you can sign up for this free service to receive alerts?

* 5. Is there any other mode of communication that you would like the City to utilize?