Family Voices announces a Free Fall Raffle about "Giving Thanks" for families of children and youth with special health care needs and/or disabilities.

Many cultures include giving thanks as part of a harvest festival at the end of the growing season. Family Voices would like to honor this tradition by giving parents of children and youth with special health care needs and/or disabilities the opportunity to share what they are grateful for in having special children.

(If you would enjoy more information about traditions of "giving thanks" visit


There are also several 'optional' questions. We would appreciate you replying to these, but they are NOT required in order for you to enter the raffle.

This should take less than 5 minutes.

Note that as part of the registration process, we will ask you to send us a photo of you and your child, and to give us permission to use this photo for future outreach and education.

Two raffle drawings will be held:

- One for entries between November 13 and November 18.
- One for all entries between November 13 and November 30.

So, entering sooner gets you an extra chance to win, with less competition!

A $100 Target gift card will be awarded to the winner of each raffle drawing.

The first winner will be announced November 19. The second winner will be announced December 1.

Entries will NOT be judged in any way. For each drawing, the entries will be entered into a hat, and a random drawing done to win the $100 gift card.

***Please note - because of the way this registration is set up, you can only do ONE ENTRY from each computer. So, if you'd like to enter comments about parenting more than one child in this raffle, you will need to do each entry on a separate computer.

If you have any questions, please email or call 505-872-4774.

Thank you for entering the Family Voices Fall "Giving Thanks" drawing!