Narratives for Here AT IWU

This year will be the second annual Here at IWU, this event is put on by your professors, faculty, and especially fellow classmates. It was created to raise campus awareness pertaining to the social atmosphere here at Illinois Wesleyan University. Over the years the campus, including students and administration, has been progressively working towards a more socially aware and culturally respectful campus. It is my honor and fellow classmates to aid in this progression by spearheading this event. Here at IWU will take place March 20 Thursday night in Hansen, please be on the look out for specifications on the time in the near future through campus weekly and ads around campus. Starting on the 17th of March we will be expressing our opinions on the social atmosphere through posters, informative statistics that dispels myths regarding certain cultures, religions, traditions, and sexual orientations; we will also be taking narratives regarding personal experiences on campus through anonymous submissions and tabling. The week will end with the event hosted in Hansen with performances and speeches by fellow students and workshops to help us understand the purpose of social awareness and how we can be more involved. As our campus continues to diversify, we need to educate one another in order to promote cultural respect.
Kindest Regards,
Inez “Kittyi” White

* 1. Please elaborate on your experience(s) here at iwu that expresses the need for further education on this campus regarding diverse cultures, sex/gender and sexual orientation, religion or absence of, and other social identities that I have failed to mention.

Ex. Student senators advised me to ignore racist comments on IWU confessions and reminded me of the right to freedom of speech. They failed to take any initiative to educate the student body regarding the issues at hand.

Ex. An IWU man threatened to rape me because I looked Muslim.

Ex. A classmate and coworker said she didn't believe gay people should be allowed near children. She has no idea I'm gay.

Ex. I got made fun of in a class by the professor for my self-injury scars.

*The #hereatiwu committee reserves the right to reject or edit submissions based on university policy. We wish to preserve a safe environment on campus and thank you for your contribution.