1. Haverford College Morris Health Services

Survey of Morris Health Services

* 1. Graduation Year

* 2. How often do you use the Health Services per year?

* 3. Please rate services you have used?

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Appointment/Check in Service
Women's Health Service
On-Line Insurance Waiver Process
College Insurance Plan - BCS
Insurance Billing Service
Substance Abuse Educator
Massage Therapist
Orthopedic/Sports Medicine
Registered Dietitian
College Physician
Nurse walk-in clinic
Allergy clinic
Nurse Practitioner
Travel Clinic
Cold/Flu Self Care Clinic
EZPZ (STI) self drop off service

* 4. Please check all services used at the Health Center.

* 5. Please check all vaccines or services you have received at the Health Services this year.

* 6. Have you used your health insurance for billing at the Health Center?

* 7. Preference on how to pay Health Services bill

* 8. Please check all that would be of interest to you in Wellness Promotion Programming.

* 9. If you are interested in joining the Student Health Advisory Committee or the Eating Issues and Body Image Council please give name/email address.


* 10. Have you had any positive or negative experiences with the Health Services that you would like to share?
THANKS for filling out this Health Services survey.