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Your name is not required, but if you choose to enter it, it is appreciated! All other responses are anonymous and all content is confidential, included only in an aggregate to provide feedback to library staff involved in the program, for the purpose of assessing our strengths in virtual programs, as well as determining areas of opportunity for our future programs.

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* 2. Program Packets: We are designing library programs and services toward a hybrid library model so that we can continue to serve the public through virtual resources.

The design of all virtual programs includes program packets as part of the structure. Packets are always literacy-based, intended to reinforce the program content with enjoyable materials and activities. In most cases, the packets are intended to be explored and materials engaged with before the program, although your child is welcome to engage with the materials at any time before or after the program.

For the kite program, the kite packets used during the instruction are separate. We would appreciate feedback on both sections of the packets:
(1) the literacy worksheets and paper chains, intended to be used at any time, and (2) the actual kite packets.

We do our best to include ALL necessary materials so that adults do not have to find, purchase, cut, or otherwise prepare content for the child. We intend packets to be a welcome opportunity for the adult as well as for the child!

All virtual programs will include program packets and we hope your child enjoyed his or her kite program packet.

Comments - from you or your child or both - regarding the packets for the kite program are welcome!

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* 3. Technology: Virtual programs such as this one require coordination of at least 14 different software programs and applications, and we continue to hone our skill sets with videotaping and streamlining via technology options.

In addition, we film using just a basic ipad set atop books or boxes for height, and we practice our timing, delivery, and transitions between staff members and program content. For this program, we were able to zoom closely into the actual instruction by using some additional equipment and would appreciate hearing if that was effective for you as part of the instruction.We are all new at this! so please keep this in mind as we continue our efforts toward developing, coordinating, and presenting high quality programs to you and your families.

One concern at this time is whether or not you experienced buffering, and how much of a distraction or deterrent it may have been. Although we can't necessarily do anything about it, we would appreciate hearing how your experience was in this area, and to what extent (if any) buffering might have impacted the experience.

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* 4. Length of Program: The virtual delivery of the programs, in most cases, will take just over 20 minutes. There are file size restrictions, for one thing, and we also recognize how much screen time children -- and all of society -- are experiencing during these challenging times.

Was this time frame sufficient for you and your child to follow along? Did you have to pause or review again? In general, is a 20 minute virtual delivery element a good time frame for you and your child? Comments welcome.

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* 5. Upcoming programs: We will continue actively producing additional virtual programs. These will be posted on our website, on Constant Contact, the Town website, and other platforms.

"Act the Alphabet"  will be available for a couple more weeks, which can be viewed at any time. A 10 minute family program on growing flowers (including a 3 pack of petunias) is also coming early next week. 

Based on the structure and delivery of this  virtual program (including the virtual element and packets), how inclined are you to register for other programs?

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* 6. Additional Comments: If you would like to add additional comments, please feel free to do so here.

Thank you again for taking the time to complete this survey.