TITLE: Teachers as Scholars: The Power of Talk: Helping Students Become Better Thinkers
DATE: January 18, 2018
TIME: 4:30-7:30 PM
LOCATION: Montclair State University, Russ Hall (Kops Lounge)
INSTRUCTOR: Alina Reznitskaya 

In this workshop for upper-elementary school teachers, we will discuss new methods, curriculum materials, and assessment tools designed to engage students in collaborative and rigorous argumentation during discussions of big, controversial questions. Teachers will learn how to choose the readings that support students’ argumentation, create controversial questions based on these readings, and design lessons that help students develop their argumentation skills when speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We will also share specific strategies and talk moves that teacher can use to facilitate student collaboration and quality argumentation during whole-group and small-group discussions using fiction, nonfiction, and multimodal texts. Each participant will receive our recent book on these topics, which provides a comprehensive guide to helping students become better thinkers.

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