* 1. Please rate your experience using the OMNI Training Site.

  Very True Somewhat True Somewhat False Very False
Information on the the OMNI Training site is useful in answering my questions.
Information on the OMNI Training site enables me to better perform my daily duties.
I access the OMNI Training site frequently.
I prefer online access to training materials over classroom training.
I recommend the OMNI Training site to my colleagues.

* 2. Please enter any questions or comments regarding the OMNI Training site.

* 3. Any suggestions to enhance the OMNI Training site?

* 4. Is there any content within the OMNI Training site you find irrelevant or useless?

* 5. I primarily access ___________ on the OMNI Training site.

* 6. Please rank the following according to your personal preference.

  High Importance Moderate Importance Low Importance
Easy access to all training documents and materials
Instructor-led classes
Interactive, online classes
At your desk training options
Multiple formats of trainign materials (printable, online, classrroom training, etc.)

* 7. Please rank the following according to tools you find most effective in your completion of everyday tasks.

  Highly Effective Somewhet Effective Slightly Effective
Written documentation of business practices
Useful web-based support through OMNI Help links
Formal classroom training sessions
Hands-on practice
Visual demonstration of steps and processes
Job aids including pictures and screen shots
Quick Reference, text-only job aids excluding screen shots

* 8. Please rank the helpfulness of the training you have received within the past 3-6 months.

  Very Helpful Somewhat Helfpul Not Helpful
Online tutorials
Classroom training sessions
Job aids and other forms of written documentation
One-on-one assistance from a central office
Parature responses

* 9. I feel that my work performance could be increased with moreā€¦ (Check all that apply)