Certification, InteRnationalisation and standaRdization in cloUd Security (CIRRUS) aims to bring together representatives of industry organizations, law enforcement agencies, cloud services providers, standard and certification services organizations, cloud consumers, auditors, data protection authorities, policy makers, software component industry etc. with perse interests in security and privacy issues in cloud computing.

The objective of this survey is to gather information on security activities as well as future priorities in cloud computing. The main scope is to study the security aspects of cloud by scanning the industrial interest and validation priorities of different actors. In detail we want to collect information on the usefulness of cloud services (from providers, customers etc) and the ease of using it in respect to security and privacy, not forgetting trust and compliance issues. Combining the feedback received from this survey and by studying the efforts in place in the EU region, the outcome will be a gap analysis, which will highlight the cloud security areas in need for further development. This survey addresses to a wide range of stakeholders: from cloud consumers to law enforcement agencies and standardization bodies.

CIRRUS assures that all responses and their party will remain anonymous and contact information kept confidential.