Community Survey on Proposed Pedestrian Bridge

Originally included in 2007 in the Hyland Village Preliminary Development Plan, a pedestrian bridge has been proposed for construction over the canal south of the Hyland Village neighborhood. Based on recent feedback, in addition to specific input gathered at a joint meeting between Hyland Village community members and City of Westminster Staff on Monday, Nov. 25, 2019, this survey is being created to record the official opinion of each Hyland Village community member's desire regarding this proposed bridge.

The City of Westminster is interested in your input and suggestions on this proposed pedestrian bridge, and your feedback will be considered as the City explores all options regarding this proposed project.

Question Title

* 1. Should the proposed pedestrian bridge be built in Hyland Village?

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* 2. (optional) What recommendations or further input do you have for the City of Westminster as it considers the proposed pedestrian bridge in Hyland Village?

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* 3. (optional) Please enter your contact information if you would like to receive updates from the City of Westminster on this project.

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