1. 2007 Bigotry Tour

Take Our Bigotry Tour!
Racism, like many evils, can be sly and sneaky. Even the most progressive North Bay residents may believe that they are immune from it. For our upcoming issue on racism in the North Bay, we ask that you take this three-question survey to help us learn more about the everyday experiences of our readers. We will use your answers—anonymously if you choose—to inform our upcoming feature story on this issue. Thanks in advance for giving us your wisdom!

* 1. Where or when in the North Bay have you felt like out of place, like "The Other," and why?

* 2. Where do you never go in the North Bay, and why?

* 3. What impact, if any, does racism have on your life?

* 4. Your name (first name only or pen name is fine) and residence location (city or county) to be published in the Bohemian.

* 5. Please provide the following contact information, which will not be published or given to anyone but editor Gretchen Giles but may be used to confirm your responses: Name, Address, Phone, Email address.