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"It is not what you look at but it is what you see that matters."
Henry David Thoreau

Congratulations for taking this step to assess your relationship in a holistic manner. The assessment will only take about 20-30 minutes, please set aside enough time to take it in one go in order to avoid losing your responses.

Relationship Panoramic is not like any other couples compatibility tests that you might have taken. By the end of this questionnaire you will gain a multi-dimensional understanding of yourself as an individual and as a member of your coupledom, based on your current reality, values, expectations and dominant traits. We know that being in a relationship is more like being on a roller coaster than a smooth ride. Having said that, when you are thinking about your responses, try to consider the average and typical status of the situation you are asked about.

Most couples end their relationships because they drift apart over time. Relationship Panoramic is designed to capture areas that you are most compatible in and areas that need a bit more intentional work to keep your coupledom strong over time.

To make this tool as useful as possible, you and your partner need to respond to each question as accurately as possible.

Please consider that the final report consists of your report and your partner's report merged together. Therefore, whatever you will share in the following questions will be reflected in the final report.

It is OK to take this questionnaire individually (for self awareness, curiosity or any other reasons). Please  just indicate that at the beginning of this assessment. 

We are continuously working to offer the most updated health check to couples; therefore, we will use your de-identified results for research and development purposes. Going to the next page and taking the test reflects your acknowledgment and explicit consent for this matter. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Once you and your partner complete the test and we receive them, we will analyze them thoroughly and send your therapist, counselor or coach a customized report within the next 72 hours. Couples counseling is an art and there will be nuances in the final report that should be presented and facilitated by a professional to benefit you the most. Therefore, we would send the report first to your therapist, counselor or coach and they would arrange a round-table meeting to discuss them with you.

In that meeting, you will get a chance to see the visual report of your test which has all the key areas highlighted and marked. You will have the chance for further discussions in a constructive manner and will receive practical steps to move forward.

The cost of generating the couple report is $98, which you can pay once you and your partner complete the test. This cost could be absorbed in the  consultation fee of Dr. Nasserzadeh if you have an upcoming appointment with her.

Now, take a deep breath, make your body as comfortable as possible so your thinking and feeling could be in one smooth flow and enjoy your journey!

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