Due to the increase in our budget we are looking to extend our hours.  We would like patron input as to what YOU feel would work best for our library and for you and your family.  Please fill out the following survey and let us know how we can better serve you!

* 1. Are there days you prefer to use the library? (choose up to three)

* 2. Considering the days you chose in question 1, what hours would be most convenient for you? (check up to three)

* 3. What hours do you consider to be the most convenient for Saturday? (check one)

* 4. In any month, how many days do you normally visit the library? (check one)

* 5. Do you use the library more in a particular season?  If so, please choose in which seasons you are more likely to visit the library.  If there is no difference, leave the question blank.

* 6. Please tell us your age group. (check one)