2024 Entrepreneur Academy

Entrepreneur Innovation Center of Chester

Welcome to the 2023 Entrepreneur Innovation Academy.  We are pleased to kick of our inaugural year of program which will accept 25 students who attend schools in the City of Chester.  
1.Please list your full name, address, cell phone and email address
2.Please list your parent or guardian full name, address, cell phone and email address
3.Please list the name and email address of the teacher, school administrator or community leader who will recommend you for the program 
4.What grade are you currently enrolled in at your high school
5.What is your current GPA?
6.Please tell us why you are interested in joining the Entrepreneur Innovation Academy
7.Do you have access to a home computer?
8.Are you interest in participating in the program in-person?
9.What do you know about Entrepreneurship?
10.Tell us what you are interested in learning this year? You may select as many boxes that you want.
Current Progress,
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