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Thank you for participating in this short anonymous survey, which is designed to collect demographic information about the IUS 2020 attendees. 

The IEEE UFFC Society is committed to cultivating a diverse professional community. By taking part in this survey, you can help us learn about the makeup of this symposium, and ensure that future UFFC-S events are inclusive and representative.

All data will be analyzed in aggregate, and no individually identifiable information will be retained (including the IP address). For any question that you do not wish to answer, you may select “prefer not to say.”

If you wish to preview all questions before taking the survey, you can access them through the link below.

IEEE UFFC-S Diversity Survey Questions

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* 1. Presentation Type

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* 2. Gender

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* 3. Region (as defined by the IEEE)

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* 4. Employment

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* 5. Career stage

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* 6. Highest degree attained