1. Former Trainees Network "FTN" survey: Introduction

Important notice: This survey, a research follow-up study, is addressed only and exculsively to MAIB former students/trainees. To all MAIB course candidates, and those who never attended MAIB courses, please avoid to fill in this questionnaire. Thanks

Dear Former Student/trainee,
please be informed that all former trainees in the Former Trainees Network of Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, hereinafter is called “FTN”, are kindly required to fill in the Follow-up Questionnaire.

This will allow the CIHEAM/MAI of Bari:
1- To up-date the database of your profile and keep in contact with you;
2- to ascertain what impact the MAIB Actions (Training, Research and Cooperation) have on your career evolution and progress, recognition of MSc diploma, Research excellence and scientific outputs.


☺ Please complete the entire questionnaire before submission. This will only take you a few minutes.
☺ Please note that the questionnaire should be filled in entirely and then submitted, otherwise information will be lost.
☺ Use the scroll bar to reveal the remaining questions as you move towards the end of the questionnaire.
☺ Please be assured that all information provided will remain anonymous and confidential.
☺ The fields marked with asterix (*) are obligatory.
☺ After completion, press the 'Done' button to submit the questionnaire.
☺ Should you press the 'Next' button without completing all obligatory fields, you will be redirected to the questionnaire to fill in the missing fields for a valid submission.
☺ Alternatively, you may use the 'Exit the survey' button at any time to exit the questionnaire before submission.

All your replies will be treated in confidence. Please be frank ☺

The research results will be comletely anonimyzed and your name will never be mentioned. Your personal contatcts will never be given to a third party nor will be used for commercial purposes. Your personal contacts will be only used to let you know about the research results, MAIB latest news, to ask you for suggestions, or to ask you to participate in other research projects. Please notice that by completing the survey you give as your informed consent.

If you have any doubt about the questions or how to answer them, please feel free to contact the coordinator of FTN initiative, Dr. Noureddin Driouech, at the following email address : driouech@iamb.it

Thank you very much for your collaboration.