* 1. If two spouses (who are both members) separate, and one of them owns the CP lot and family home, which do you think is more important to focus on when dividing property up between the spouses?

* 2. If one spouse is a non-member, do you think they should have the right to apply to court to stay in the home on reserve if they are the primary caregiver of a child?

* 3. Non-members cannot own property on reserve, but can be financially compensated for their contributions to the couple's property. Do you think compensation should be available to just married couples who are divorcing? Or do you think the rules should also apply to common-law spouses who are separating?

* 4. Would you like to see Cowichan Tribes' MRP law encourage spouses to try different forms of dispute resolution before deciding to go to court?

* 5. If a non-member spouse has contributed financially to the improvement of the family home and the land, do you think that if the couple separates then the non-member spouse should be able to apply to court to recover some of that money?