Customer Satisfaction

Thank you very much for taking a moment to participate in FTDI's customer survey. Please rate the various aspects of our products and services by answering the questions below.

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Please note that the prize draw for the Motorola Xoom-2 ended on the 21st December 2012. However we would still appreciate your comments on our products or service.

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* How did you first learn about FTDI?

* Why did you choose FTDI? (Please select all that apply)

* What sales channel have you used or plan to use?

* What FTDI products have you purchased or used?

* Please rate the following services that FTDI provides.

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Sales and marketing support
Web shop
Online product literature
Application support

* How do you rate the FTDI web site?

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Ease of navigation
Speed of operation
Content kept up-to-date

* Our claim is "USB Made Easy". Do you agree?

* Have you ever contacted the FTDI Sales or Application Support functions?