Your chance to choose programs in which you want to participate

You will be given many choices of possible topic areas of benefit programs geared to members from which to choose. You will also be given a chance to recommend programs that you know of or ideas for programs not listed from which other members might be interested.

* 1. When we offer a legal issues seminar, what topics would you wish to hear about.

  Very interested Somewhat interested Not interested
Elder care
Wills and Trusts
Implications of being stopped for a DWI or other offenses on your license to teach
Privacy laws and confidentiality rules - what can and can not be kept secret, what can and cannot be recorded, etc
Legal implications for orders of protection
Bankruptcy and how it can be used to protect or harm you
How safe is your pension

* 2. Which of the following topics would you wish to have discussed in a seminar?

  Very interested - I will make sure to clear my schedule to attend this program Somewhat interested - If I have time I will attend Not interested
Social Security
Financial Planning and Wealth Management
Health Care Issues
Long Term Care
Identity Theft Protection
Scholarship Program Information
Benefit Programs Sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
Benefit Programs Sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA)
Defensive Driver Program
Retirement Seminar in the Spring

* 3. Which of these topics impacting your profession would you like to learn more about? If interested in a topic check off box(es) of how you would like to receive information.

  Discussion/seminar Literature to read Websites Webinar One-to-One conversation
The FTA Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) plan
The NYS 3012d law and how it impacts schools and teachers
Tenure - How you achieve it and what it does and doesn't mean for you
Leave of  absence and seniority issues
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
The FTA contract
Political Action Committees (PACs) that are currently big players in the education world
What are charter schools, how successful are they in educating students, and how do they impact public schools?
What are Right to Work laws, where they exist, and what it might mean for you
What is the Tax Cap, how it works, and what it means for you
Some of the major issues involved in the funding of public education in NYS that you should understand
Special needs and English as a New Language student mandates that may effect classroom teachers
Your rights as a teacher when speaking or dealing with administrators and directives
The physical environment of your workspace-from temperature to air quality to personal safety- what are your rights and what can be done to improve upon these rights
What is meant about privatization of public education and what it might mean for you

* 4. How many years have you been working in the education field and other possibilities. Choose all that apply

* 5. In what school(s) do you work?