Check the appropriate letter for each question listed below.

* 1. Enter your Last Name and First Initial. Ex.(Trump, D.)

* 2. If you have caused an accident, which type of automobile insurance would cover damage to your own car?

* 3. Mattie and Erica are young women. Each has a good credit history. They work at the same company and make approximately the same salary. Mattie has borrowed $6,000 to take a foreign vacation. Erica has borrowed $6,000 to buy a car. Who is likely to pay the lowest finance charge?

* 4. If you went to college and earned a 4-year degree, how much more money could you expect to earn than if you only had a high school diploma?

* 5. Many savings programs are protected by the Federal government against loss. Which of the following is not?

* 6. Which of the following instruments is NOT typically associated with spending?

* 7. Which of the following credit card users is likely to pay the GREATEST dollar amount in finance charges per year, if they all charge the same amount per year on their cards?

* 8. Which of the following statements is true?

* 9. Dolly must borrow $12,000 to complete her college education. Which of the following would NOT be likely to reduce the finance charge rate?

* 10. If you had a savings account at a bank, which of the following would be correct concerning the interest that you would earn on this account?