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Our Alumni are the wind beneath our wings. You have the power to inspire, electrify and motivate our students. Please, help them soar.
Please help inspire our current and future students. Nominate a Shining Light.

Damascus College and its foundation colleges, Sacred Heart, St Paul’s and St Martin’s in the Pines value the contributions and achievements of all its alumni. The Shining Light Award for Inspiring Alumni will be bestowed to alumni who have contributed significantly through their chosen field to Damascus College and our global community, and who will be an inspiration to current and future students.

Nominations are now open and will close Friday 28 May, 2021 at 4pm.

1. The recipient must be a Damascus College Alumni, living or dead. Alumni at Damascus College are defined as past students and staff of Damascus College and its foundation colleges, Sacred Heart, St Paul’s and St Martin’s in the Pines.
2. Be successful in their chosen field as demonstrated by positions held, achievements, qualifications, awards/prizes/scholarships and length of service.
3. The work/actions of their chosen field support and uphold Social Justice and Christian Values.
4. The alumni have made contributions or supported the College and global community in ways that are inspirational or motivational.

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* 5. Please outline the nominee’s personal and professional highlights that make them a Shining Light to you. What makes them INSPIRATIONAL?

Consider including details on positions held, overall career and personal achievements, qualifications, awards, prizes, scholarships, prominence, accolades and any other honours they may have received. How did they WOW you?

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