* 1. It's a coffeeshop for book-lovers, programmers, movie buffs, artists and other weirdos like her and me. Features

- old, used couches and tables
- fast wifi (free if you buy ANYTHING from cafe)
- LOTS of laptop charging points - come and sit forever if you like
- at least 60 used books chosen with care - you can just sit and read
- low volume music chosen by ppl in cafe in realtime
- basic snacks + drinks - coffee, tea, milkshakes, etc.

She hasn't done anything like this before and is super hesitant. I won't even show her this page if you guys give me a resounding no. She's not a redditor but I think it's very much geared towards redditor-like-people. Will you go?

* 2. Please leave your email if you'd like to hear about it if/when she opens it in a couple of weeks. Thanks so much!! :)